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Frequently Asked Questions

How configure Publisher EA
Read this article to configure your Publisher EA

You can manage configurations for your Publisher EA on "My Products" as you can configure when setup it !

First go to "Manage Products" then click to "byForex AutoPublisher" tab. You will see your publishing tools. You can start & stop by clicking icons. You can not manage description, price and etc. first 3 months. You can contact with us on support center when you want to change some information about your publisher.

Informations are here which you need to setup and run Publisher & Copier. Errors and solutions are listed here which you may get when you run expert ;

  • "You forget enter KEY and SECRET !" : You forget enter KEY and / or SECRET. Click to "Inputs" tab on dialog when you run expert, enter your values which you get from signal product or copier.
  • "DLL imports not Allowed." : You don't accept including DLLs for expert. Click to "Common" tab on dialog when you run expert, check the "Allow DLL imports" and "Allow live trading" options.
  • "AutoTrade is blocked on your account by broker." : Broker is blocked using experts for your account. Contact whith broker to active using experts. When broker informs that activated using experts please reboot your Metatrader.
  • "Trade is not allowed ! Can not be a copier." : You logged in by investor password so you can not be a copier, can only publishing trades.
  • "Connected to the byForex but terminal account not logged in." : Expert and byForex ok but not connected to broker server for trading. Contact with your broker to resolve it.
  • "Wrong KEY or SECRET Entered !" : Entered wrong KEY and / or SECRET. Please double check your values when you run expert. If you can not resolve it contact with us on support centre.
  • Other errors may occur ;

  • Trades open more times : This may occur when expert runs on more then one chart. You must run expert on only one chart !
  • Trades never open and / or closing after a few seconds : This may occur when you use the same KEY and SECRET on more then one account. You can use signals on only one account, running one signal on more then one account restricted. If you are sure that don't use one signal on more then one account, immediately contact with us on live support !

What i have to do for buying product
Step by Step buying a product

You have to select product which you want to buy and click to "Subscribe" or "Buy" button on product page.

Then select payment way from form (you can select "Pay from byForex Wallet" if you have enough active money in wallet) and make payment.

When system detects that payment is successfully ended you can download product from "My Products" (if you bought a signal to copy,you have to connect it to a copier which you can create free or already created).

What i have to do for selling product
Step by Step Selling Products

It's enough just create a product to sell on byForex. To sell products there is no any limitions or abligation. Every user can sell products.

First you must go to "Create New Product" page and select product type from this area.

You must select payment gateways to accept money which you set on starter form. You can withdraw money on own gateway. For example when you sold product on Bitcoin you can withdraw this BTC only to your Bitcoin Wallet. So you can not exchange money on byForex. On every payment gateway different transaction fees, we recommend to view them.

If your product is downdloadable (not publisher ea), you must upload product by byForex or write direct download url on setup form.

You product will be active directly when setup is finished. byForex wrote some terms to protect sellers as protect buyers, we recommend to view them.